eye twitching on right eye upper lid

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asked Jul 14, 2015 in Eye by Raja

Hi, I am having eye twitching on my right eye. It is not continuous, but it happens frequent. When I read some article, it says it could be due to lack of sleep. I know I am not having enough sleep and I can understand that could be main reason for that. But will it go away If I sleep well or I need to take any medication? Should I worry about it much?


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answered Jul 21, 2015 by anonymous

Eye twitching could happen by multiple reasons.

like stress, lack of sleep, drinking more coffee or alcohol, dry eye etc.But since you said you haven't had proper sleep that could be main reason so try to have a good sleep at least continuously for a week and also do some eye exercise. If you still has twitching on the eye, then I would suggest you to go to some eye specialist to get treatment.

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