My dentist said lump on jaw is just swollen muscle is that correct?

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asked Jul 16, 2015 in General by Priya Roy (56 points)

I have this jaw pain for the past 3 months. but have not met my doctor. But when i went for the dental clinic for my teeth cleaning i have asked about this to my dentist. he didn't take no x-ray, He said it's just swollen muscle and is related to my jaw soreness. But I am not sure without doing an x-ray, how he is sure about this? I think may be because of the inside mouth looks good.

Have any of you with TMJ had a lump on the muscle on your jaw? It's just right behind my back teeth on the bottom, where I can feel the edge of my jaw connecting to my gums. Do I need request the dentist to take an X-ray and see? or Do i need to go to some other doctor and get it confirmed?


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