Insect bite rash and swelling near eyes of 3 years 4 months old kid

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asked Jul 11, 2015 in Kids by anonymous

My daughter was playing outside in my backyard a day before. yesterday we saw some small rashes like insect bite close to her eyes and nose. When I asked her she said she was playing light emitting insect. So, we applied Neosporin first aid antibiotic pain relieving cream. It reduced her pain. But the rashes did not go and we are seeing light swelling. Since it is very close to her eyes, we are worried little bit. What should we do now? Since it is not really growing fast or my daughter is feeling normal, we don't know whether we need to go to doctor office or we can try any over the counter medicine?

light emitting insect image


1 Answer

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answered Jul 11, 2015 by anonymous

Hi, sometime back our kid also had same kind of issue. So I called my doctor office. They suggested us to give children's benadryl every 8 hours about 3.75 ml. Since benadryl is for the age of 4 and above, they suggested only 3.75 ml since my kind was also below 4 years. They asked us to give it for 3 times and if the symptoms did not go away, on call nurse asked us to bring the kid to doctor office. Fortunately everything was fine, so we didn't go to doctor office.

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